Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I started the day feeling very in love. It's been a while since I've had that newlywed "I can conquer the world because I'm so in love" feeling. Not because I'm any less in love, life has just thrown us some crazy circumstances lately. But last night was good. Just some very honest heart felt time. We have been lacking in quality time lately. Mostly my fault. But that's life. But I was all smiles driving to work today.

I'm also getting excited about my birthday. Not because I'm doing anything elaborate, but I know that Brett and I will have a fun day of celebrating in a few weeks when I turn 29. And I have my actual birthday off from work. It's a Monday and we're slow so I decided to take it off. I'm starting to think about how I want to spend that day and it's SO exciting to plan a day all to myself! I know I want to buy some books (hopefully with some birthday money from the MIL) and eat somewhere tasty and see a movie. Very vague plans so far, but every day I get more and more excited! And then I'll be celebrating with some girlfriends a few weeks after the big 29 by going to see Sex In The City 2. Have I already mentioned this? It's totally possible because I am crazy excited!

AND I am planning some scrapbooking soon. I haven't done anything crafty since Christmas and I'm REALLY itching for some cutting and gluing action. So I am making Brett's mom a book for mother's day. So that's exciting.

So I had a few happy thoughts in my head this morning. "Wha happen?"

This afternoon I'm feeling kind of lonely. I'm glad it's the middle of Wednesday and the week is half over, but for some reason, right now, I feel lonely. I used to get random emails throughout the day. But now I pretty much never do. Email replaced mail and now Facebook and Twitter have replaced email. I miss the emails. I miss it most on days where people are kind of crappy to me at work. Sigh. I need a Brett hug. Come on 5:30.

I have nothing to complain about. I'm glad I posted this because it reminded me of this morning's happy thoughts. Maybe I can refocus now.

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