Monday, March 1, 2010

Totally Full!

An unlooked for benefit of observing with my art teacher friend last week was being able to observe a lifetime WW member! She reached her goal sometime in 2009. She was never very big, but technically overweight. Well she's tiny now!

I think a lot about what I can bring for lunches. Soup and sandwich was my lunch of choice for a LONG time. In fact, it's what I ate most often for lunch when I was losing the 80 lbs. But the soup did a number on me. Nutritionists recommend eating soup to help aid in digestion. Well I don't need any help! So when I had soup for lunch, I would experience a painfully uncomfortable afternoon. I know it's immature, but the ladies room, which is the size of a small closet, is only a few feet away from the desk of two of the males here. Every sound is heard! Yeah. It's strictly #1 for me when I'm at work.

Soo... now I mostly eat frozen meals for lunch. There are probably 5 Smart Ones and 5 Lean Cuisines that I really like! It's an easy choice, so that's the route I go most of the time. I know that they're high in sodium though, so I'm always paying attention trying to get lunch ideas, other than a sandwich and chips, which is tasty at the time, but doesn't leave me full for long. I love when Jamie does a snack plate. And that's kind of what my art teacher friend did. So today, I brought a Campbell's Tomato Soup at Hand (no solids in it, just creamy liquid... we'll see how it affects my tummy), 10 reduced fat Wheat Thins, 5 slices of extra lean turkey lunch meat, a cucumber salad, and a chocolate rose. I still have a few left from the dozen Brett gave me for Valentine's. So instead of my 6 point frozen Lean Cuisine, I had 2 point soup, 2 point crackers, 1 point of turkey and 1 point of cucumber salad (because I put a tablespoon of salad dressing on it). I'm feeling nice and full.

Thanks to Jennifer who empathized with me... I am totally laying bricks with you today! So far so good. Hope your day is going well too sweetie. I'm praying for you.

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