Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pucker Up And Kiss It, Whoville!

HR finally talked to Brett today. It was not a pleasant hour and a half, but he is nowhere near fired, and everything is out in the open now. My baby is strong and he defended himself well against the flimsy accusations that were made against him. I am proud of him! And I'm so glad that that situation was resolved (or at least addressed) before our vacation.

Have I mentioned our vacation? It's a staycation actually, but I am thrilled! We wanted to take a week off around our anniversary, originally hoping that we would have a little money set aside for a small trip. Well, life happens, and according to our bank account, now isn't the best time for a trip. But we have been so busy lately, I am really looking forward to a week at home. We both work tomorrow, but we are both off all of next week and Brett is off the following Monday and Tuesday as well.

I will be doing my classroom observation during the week. One day with my friend who teaches third grade and two days with my middle school art teacher. I'm also thinking about trying to add another day observing my friend who is the librarian (that word does not even come close to describing the awesomeness of her position, but tonight, it's all I got) at a school in town, but I am not sure about that one yet. Monday I need to get my car worked on, so that will take up a large chunk of my day. We'll see how it goes. Either way, I'll be home early every day and spending the evenings with my husband who I love!

I plan on completing all of my online classes next week as well. Between that, my observation and taking care of my car, I think it's going to be a very productive 5 days. I have a seminar this Saturday from 9-12 in Dallas and my second to last class next Saturday. I wish that I had a day or two to sleep in... but how can I complain??? It's better than being at work!

I also plan on catching up on some blogging. I'm a few days behind reading and I have been meaning to post the "Beautiful Blogger" award for weeks now! Farmgirl, who rocks my socks, nominated me! Woohoo! I'm ready for bed, I just wanted to update those of you who have been waiting along with us to find out what was going on at work with Brett.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday! Hopefully, you'll be hearing more from me next week =-)

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad things are working out for your hubby - what a lot of stress to deal with for both of you! Enjoy your staycation!