Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 1.22.10

I can genuinely say it was a better food week. Not perfect, but I'm overall pleased. Especially with last night. I wanted to eat more, but I knew that I wasn't hungry, so I stopped and satisfied myself by packing up the two remaining enchiritos for today's lunch. Of course, after I fell asleep within a few pages of the science section I made a large mocha and ate a little snack bar to keep me up for another dozen pages or so. I still didn't make it through the section though. I did a few more this morning, but I will have to do the last 5 pages before I take the practice test tonight.

Happy with today's weigh in at 237.2. I hope that I keep moving in the right direction. I figured out a pretty good workout schedule this week that I think will be ideal when I don't have all of the studying going on. When Brett has a class in session at work, he doesn't get home until 7:30 or so. While we are slow at work, I am home by 5:30. So I can use the gym at the apartment right after work and then still have dinner ready, or close to it, when he gets home. I think that's a great plan!

I take my generalist test tomorrow, and my art test is two weeks from tomorrow. I will definitely start studying for the art test on Monday, but maybe I will stick to studying after dinner and use the time before Brett gets home to workout. We'll see.

It's been a BIG week around here. Hopefully I will celebrate the completion of my first test tomorrow with a nice long nap. I sure could use the sleep! And then we are planning to go see Avatar. Finally! Woohoo! =-)

Happy weekend =-)


Jennifer said...

Yay about your weigh-in! That's great!! I've had a challenging week with my food, but it's been a better week than last, and I've worked out more so hopefully I can be like you and see the scale moving in the right direction!

Way to go!!

Marie said...

Yay! conrgrats on the weigh in! And Blessings on your test tomorrow. I expect a full report.. after the nap. Love you!