Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seriously Kim? Already?

It's only 28 days into the new year and I already feel like I need a do-over.

Jennifer asked me last night how my food is going this week and I told her "craptastic". And then I immediately backtracked, because that's not true. I'm making lots of good choices. I'm just not making exclusively good choices. I'm going to be up on the scale in my weigh-in tomorrow and I feel like a schmuck because of it. But I'm still going to post. And today is a new day. And I want to do better.

I got off track because we ate out a lot last weekend. I started it. It was after the test and I was totally freaking out. It was lunch time and Brett wasn't picking up his phone so I just headed to Chick-fil-a for a bit of decompressing. My choice wasn't great (I got original chicken with fries instead of grilled chicken with fruit) but the portions were. I didn't order any extras though, and I would have loved to stuff myself into a coma. And that has pretty much been the truth for the last five days. I haven't been making terrible choices, I just haven't chosen the best choice.

I'm going to stop that today.

And guess what else? I'm exercising tonight. FINALLY!!! My sister and mom are coming over and we are going to check out the workout room at my apartment. I hope no one else is in there. I hope I don't hurt myself on the equipment. But most of all, I hope that this is the first day of a new habit. Brett's schedule is back to late today after three days of a regular schedule. I miss him when he works 10-7:30 but honestly, it's a schedule that could have some perks in the end. If my evenings were free, we would still have plenty of quality time after dinner. As of today I am back to heading straight for the chair in the study to get my read on as soon as the dishes are done. But in a few weeks, that will all be over. I will still miss him in the mornings, but on days that he gets home at 7:30 and I get home at 5:30, I have 2 whole hours to be productive! My plan is to work out when I get home and then make dinner. This will only work if I don't have any post-work grocery runs because I'm missing an ingredient that I thought that I had, or didn't realize I needed, so we need to plan our meals/shopping very carefully. And this is the perfect week to start that because rent is due and it's not our only bill, so money will be tight!

Okay, I'm feeling determined (rather than hopeless) today. I have a lot to accomplish. Some of it has a deadline (the studying and all things school related) but my health does not. I will never run out of time to make improvements. Today I will start again. Again.

Hope everyone's week is going well. Much love.


Marie said...

That's the spirit! You rock! Keep fighting those personal demons. I am proud of you!

And I'm just letting you know NOW that I totally plan on enticing the Bacon family to move to Houston. Lots of teaching jobs down here... And I have connections to the best place in the whole wide world to work. :)Then we can work out together. And you can feel better about your food choices after checking out my impressive lunch (today it's an orange, yogurt covered pretzels, and a chocolate PB snack bar. Jealous, huh?? I thought so)

Jennifer said...

I love all your determination!

Planning and getting it all together takes so much's hard to maintain balance for me, too. Just keep moving forward. You're doing great!