Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Keep Moving Forward

I am so thankful that I never have to think about that test again. It's done. The next test is the one that I expect to be hard and I REALLY want to pass the first time around! I am taking the art test on February 6. Art is what I would like to teach. I have class from 6-9 tonight, but the studying will begin again tomorrow night.

The next thing that I need to do is get a background check so that I can fulfill my observation hours. I am getting those dates lined up now, but I need to get the background check ASAP so I don't take off from work and then not be able to accomplish anything. I have no idea how long it takes, but I think it costs around $50 and I know I will have to go get finger printed at some point...

I wish that I felt like I were moving forward in EVERY area of my life. I mean, I guess there has been some progress made on the health front this month. We have been seeking out healthy recipes and had a few hits! I just need to be more diligent in planning and we need to make an effort to not eat out so much. AND I HAVE to get my butt moving. I am craving exercise... I just have to start moving! I have SO many things to think about right now that I feel like require and deserve my full attention... but I can only do so much at once, ya know? Focusing on two things at once will just make you cross eyed!

I also have an always growing pile of TIRED that I am really feeling today. Every time I blink, my eyes beg me to leave them alone and let them rest for a minute.

I'm really looking forward to class tonight though =-) And Brett will have tasty fajitas waiting for me when I get home. Woohoo!


Jennifer T. said...

Why do you have to have a background check? Does your program require it?

Tricia said...

Yippeee for exercise cravings!

Kriss said...

I had to have a federal background check done to adopt Ben (they weren't doing federal with Britney and Brady's adoption) and it only takes about 20 mins. They actually fingerprint you on these glass scans. You walk in, wash your hands with this special stuff and then they scan your fingers one at a time...then your done and can go. :)