Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mental Progress

Okay, I think that overnight I decided that I will go with the WW estimate of 50 calories per point to get my daily intake goal. Last night that would have been 1500, but as of this morning, make it 1450. I'm back in the 230s. So there is my goal.

I am also solidifying my action plan for the certification program. I haven't really done anything since signing up. The classes don't start for another month, but there are some online courses that I can start anytime. Well I have decided that "anytime" is this Saturday for me. We have a pretty easy weekend planned. Dinner with his mom on Friday, but no other activities other than grocery shopping. I'm excited about grocery shopping and want to be very intentional with what we buy, but most of that planning will hopefully happen over the next few nights. So Saturday, I want to start my online classes. See how they go. Next week (when we have the money) I am going to sign up for my certification tests, which I am totally nervous about. I want to be an art teacher, but since those jobs are few and far between, I am also getting certified in Generalist EC-6. If I am going to have one class of kids for an entire day, I would like them to be young. I actually think I would enjoy kindergarten. Totally different from middle school art, which is my first preference, but there you have it.

I have no idea what is on those tests, but there are study guides online that I hope to explore this weekend and books that you can buy which I hope to find at Half Price Books and possibly also purchase next week.

So I feel really good that my thoughts are becoming a little more organized and a little less chaotic. Brett and I had a really good night last night. We found our quality time in the form of a Star Trek 25th anniversary special on the Bio channel. It was filmed in 1991... would have been more interesting if it were more current. But it was really nice to sit on the couch with my husband and just be quiet. TONIGHT... I hope to put up our tree. How much nicer would last night have been if we had been basking in the glow of our pre-lit, four foot, needs replacing Christmas tree???

I hope you have a blessed day! I'm off to begin mine.

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