Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Better... So Far

My day has been okay. Work has been smooth and food has been good choices, but it is 4:40 and I am hungry. The dinner that we have planned is a little higher in cals than I would like, but I may switch the tortillas for tostada shells. That should make a BIG difference! Like, two for the price of one!

I tried Kroger brand oatmeal for the first time this morning. Noticeable flavor difference (not bad, just different), and 10 calories more, but it is less than half the price of Quaker and I felt like there was more in my bowl! I think I'll deal with the ten calories and make a permanent switch!

I am committed to some quality time with the hubs tonight. Not sure exactly what that will look like... but we need it. I would really like to put up the tree, but that may be my idea of quality time and his idea of torture. We'll find out =-)

Still really wanting to make some concrete goals this week and tonight is my only "down time" until Saturday, so maybe I can do some listing while he games a bit after dinner? We'll see.

Thanks for the encouragement over the last few days. They've been toughies. Your words really are a huge comfort!

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