Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Open House - Take 2, Review

Finally! A week later, I am posting this blog! The open house was last Sunday and it was TRULY a great experience! There wasn't a huge turnout, so I didn't sell a ton, but everyone who came was SO nice! And the other vendors there were SO talented! One of them, Kacey from Kacey's Cake Bites, had cake bites there and they were delicious! And Jenina had snacks and Christmas music playing... And there was a woman who paints hubcaps, and a woman who does mosaics, and a little girl who makes scarves, and someone who made hats (the hats and scarves were both SO SO SO cute... if I had had money to spend I would have stocked up!) and lots more... it was really great! I brought a lot of my stock home, but I sold almost all of my gift card holders, almost all of my book marks, half of my photo holders and about 20 cards. No one bought my Santa bags with matching cards, but I'm keepin' 'em til next time! They are super cute and they will sell eventually!

I learned a few things about craft fairing in general, and my mother and I are hoping to start doing craft fairs once or twice a year...

I feel like I should have more to say because I spent MONTHS preparing for this, but that's kind of all there is to it! Thank you to all of my family who came... I wouldn't have sold much without you, haha! The house was beautiful – Jenina did an AMAZING job decorating and setting up all of the vendors. Overall, a huge two thumbs up! I took a few pictures of my setup. Here you go!

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