Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend Getaway!

Okay, okay. It's been too many days since I've blogged, but this time I really do have an excuse. We had our first married weekend getaway!

I know that I say this all the time, but seriously... being with people that you love is absolutely the best medicine there is! We needed a few days away. A bit of a mental break. And our friends in The Woodlands are so welcoming... it was the perfect place to escape to. In fact, the trip didn't start out as a "way to escape". We really just wanted to see our friends. But, you know... life happens. And it turned out to be the perfect timing for a getaway because we needed to gain a bit of perspective.

We got on the road just before 6:00 on Friday evening. We were very fortunate and didn't run into any rain on our trip TO The Woodlands. (The trip back... man! I think we floated past Noah!) But I was extremely thankful for the good weather because it was dark soon after we hit the road and my eyes aren't what they used to be!

We had a drama free trip, aside from an unfortunate chicken experience at a KFC, filled with some groovy Beatles tunes and lots of nice chatting (the trip, not the KFC). We got to the La Quinta Inn that we had made reservations at just before 10. Okay, give me a minute while I gush. We were going for the basics with this hotel stay. Not the cheapest that we saw available, but close to it. We knew that we wouldn't be spending tons of time at our hotel, so we didn't want to break the bank. But can I just say, La Quinta, you outdid yourself sweetie! Our room was really nice! (I meant to take a picture!) It wasn't huge, and it wasn't even super fancy, but it was EXTREMELY functional! It had a full kitchen! I'm not kidding! A full size fridge/freezer with a built in ice maker, a sink, a two burner stove, an oven, a toaster, a microwave and a coffee maker, and supplies (pots and pans, etc) available on request. We were NOT expecting that. And there was a comfy little couch with a pull out bed. And if that weren't enough to bring us back on our next stay, the staff was SUPER nice and the free breakfast was really exceptional. Brett even made his own waffle! I was beyond pleased, and it will definitely be our hotel of choice on future visits.

Okay so. After we checked in, we called our Woodlands locals, the Willinghams and they picked us up for a night time chat at Denny's. The boys both had a snack, but I ordered a dessert that was so tasty I MADE everyone try it. I'm serious. I wouldn't let Chris get up until he tasted it. Denny's Apple Crisp: two thumbs up. We were maybe there for an hour, but it was so nice. I love Chris and Marie. They are fun, but mostly I love them because they are REAL. They aren't fun because they are performing for us and trying to be funny. They just really are that great. It's so EASY to be around them, and considering they were the first of "Brett's friends" that I met when we started dating, I have been thankful for that fact for many years.

Saturday morning we slept in a bit in an extremely comfortable king size bed and then had a tasty breakfast and headed over the Willingham casa. Chris was at work taking a test online (he is getting his masters) so we played with the kids for a bit and then we all headed up to the church (his "work") to pick Chris up for a group lunch. We met a huge group of really cool people at our favorite tex-mex joint, Pappasito's. There were four families and we had a blast! The boys got a little caught up in politics, which is NEVER my topic of choice, but I enjoyed it. It felt good to be with people that I know all love each other.

After lunch, I went with Marie to a Premier jewelry party (my third in a month... I WILL own some of that lovely bling! I just don't yet...) while the boys played around for a while. Then we met the Chevaliers for dinner at Fuddruckers. Wait, no. They met us at the house and we all went to dinner after a bit of Beatles Rockband. The Chevaliers couldn't make it to lunch, but I'm so glad that we could all meet for dinner. Chris and Gary are Brett's BFFs. I know that he wishes that he had had a bit more time to chat with them, but we are SO thankful for the time we had at dinner. I have a few pics from that evening. It's the only time that my camera made it out of my purse. I wish that I had snapped a few of the kiddos, but it didn't happen.

After dinner, we headed back to the house and, what to our wondering eyes did appear? Scott T had come to visit! He and his wife were at lunch, but we were all hoping we would get a little more time with him. I have met Scott before, but I feel like I finally got to know him a little this weekend. Scott is a really neat guy. He means a LOT to Brett and I'm so thankful for the part that he has and will play in our life together. We stayed up talking for a good while and then headed back to the hotel for some more time in that comfy bed!

Sunday morning we planned on going to church with the Willinghams, but Brett didn't sleep very well Saturday night so we opted to catch a few extra ZZZs and take our time repacking. We walked around the Borders across from the Woodlands mall while we waited for them to get out of church and then we met them for a tasty lunch at McAllister's. Mmm, mmm! Good sweet tea! And my sandwich was superb! Basil Chicken Parmesan. I highly recommend it!

It was time to head back home after lunch. Like I said, the drive home was a tad more taxing. Not treacherous rain the entire way, but there were definitely moments where I had to stay close enough to the car in front of me not to lose it because it was all I could see. I'm thankful for working windshield wipers!

It was a really good weekend. I had a lot of fun playing with Chris and Marie's two sons, who were the ring bearer and junior groomsman in our wedding. Josh (the younger one) told me at least 5 times that he is glad that I married Uncle Brett. They are so sweet. Not just to people that they are taught to be nice to, but to each other. Ryan is a great big brother and they seem to get along really well. They are a prime example of why I don't want only one child. I want my child to have a Josh or Ryan. Someone to play with and talk to and teach.

It was a great weekend! It will probably be a little while before we go again, but between then and now, I have a feeling there will be a guys weekend and a girls weekend. That seems to be the plan anyway...


Me, Marie
& Andrea

Gary, Chris
& Brett

Me &
My Honey!

Gary's good

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Marie said...

Thanks for all the kind words. We had a blast and can't wait to get together again, sooner rather than later. And I'll learn how to make that apple crisp so we can have it anytime we want it. :) Love you!