Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kind Of Sad

I hung out with Jenina last night and it was really refreshing! The Holiday Open House is at her house and she was SO encouraging looking through the things that I have made for it so far. She has a way of making things seem okay that is so SOOTHING! Maybe it's because she is a mom? Thanks Jeni! You are the cream in my coffee!

I'm really thankful for the friends who I grew up with that are still in my life. They know me in a way that most people never will. It's really interesting to think about... the events that have occurred throughout the years to keep us together. I love my friends. I feel like I have a group of 20 or so people in my life who would do anything for me. 20. Are you kidding me? Who deserves that much love?! I am SO thankful for them.

But every few years or so, I think about the friends that I've lost. (Not like, dead, just lost touch with.) I just saw a picture of Kim, Bethany, Andrea and Megan and it made me kind of sad. Those were fun times... back when we were kids. When everyone was friends. Before people started driving and pairing off into smaller groups. As an adolescent, the desire for freedom from authority is so strong... in the end it gives us sometimes more freedom than we bargained for. We wanted independence from our parents, but along with that we gain freedom from relationships that were being maintained more out of convenience than desire.

I'm terrible at keeping in touch. I know this about me. So unless the other person I desire to be in touch with also makes an effort to stay in touch with me, there's not much hope of staying connected. Even in the Facebook era, it can be difficult to take the time to forge a true connection. So even though I get a little sad thinking about people that I wish I were still in touch with, I'm not motivated enough to track them down and begin again. I am content to just remember the laughter, be sad for a minute and move on with my life.


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Jennifer T. said...

Me too. I am thankful for you!