Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Season Of Prayer

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.

I know those words are true. But lately my prayers have felt urgent. Almost desperate. I have been praying for two medical situations and unfortunately, neither of them is going as well as it could.

I have two friends, a husband and wife, who spent three years trying to get pregnant. Not long after they decided to adopt, she became pregnant. We were thrilled! She was healthy throughout the pregnancy, but the baby came ten weeks early. She was small, but in the beginning, she was healthy! Well that was a few months ago. The baby went into the hospital two weeks and three days ago. She can't breath. Not on her own anyway. So I have been praying for God to teach this sweet little baby to breath and as each day passes, I think about my two friends and how they must be feeling and I grow more and more desperate. In the beginning I was praying for this baby to be strong. Now I am praying for life. Still praying. God is good and he is capable of all things. But I am praying for understanding as I think of this suffering family.

The other situation is a good friend of the first couple. She found out last week that her mother had some tumors in her intestine. She got out of surgery an hour or so ago and the doctor said the tumors were cancer. It could not all be removed and she will need to undergo chemotherapy. People survive this every day. I know that. But still my prayers feel sad.

I'm also praying for my husband who is being attacked by bitter people. I love him so much. He is so strong and so brave, but even the strongest people eventually shake a little when they are beaten on continually.

Grr. Those prayers do not feel desperate. They feel angry. I am angry at the people that are bothering him.

But I am praying for patience and understanding. For a time of renewal and rest in our lives. We are both taking the day off on Friday. I hope that it is a good weekend.

I love you Lord. Teach me to love you better.


Marie said...

I love your honesty and heart felt plea. Seeing a soul acting out Scripture in this way is beautiful and inspiring.. a true work of His hands. We love you guys and can't wait to see ya. You're still coming, right?

Kriss said...

Kim, I can relate to the husband part. Last year some stupid older guys at his work thought it would be funny to spread awful untruthful rumors about him. He had befriended another female coworker who was 21, married herself and very introverted. He told me about her and all the awful things the older guys at work would say to her so we reached out and became her friend outside of work. She would come over and help me with the kids and I really enjoyed her company. Then somehow the guys found my blog and would leave me awful comments about this girl and Riley. At first I didn't know what to think. Riley and I had a really rough six months because they would leave messages about him having an affair and say he was at such and such with her, when he was with me at those exact times. R was furious and would actually cry because he couldn't believe people would be so cruel and mean. It also came down to the point we decided as a couple that we needed to seperate ourselves from her because we didn't need rumors hurting our marriage. Then HR came to us and told us they had been tracking the individuals because they had used work computers to plot and plan. They are no longer working with my husband. It was very hurtful to him and to me. He was hurt that someone would lie like that and also put doubt in my heart about his honesty. I was hurt that someone would be so mean to try and hurt my husband and that it made me question my own husband who has never given me reason to not believe him. So I don't understand why people have to be so mean but hug your husband and let him know how wonderful he is. It was a nightmare for us and I am so glad it's OVER!