Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ain't That A Shame

You may remember, if you've been paying attention, that I scheduled a massage for this evening. My first ever deep tissue, to rid my back of the painful knots that I just can't get to go away.

Well I didn't plan very well. $50 (35 for massage and 15 for tip) would have been totally attainable if I had planned it out. But August sort of flew by. I realized last week that the massage was just around the corner, but we had a million bills to pay last weekend. I could have worked it out, but not without asking Brett to sacrifice a bit of comfort this week, and I just wasn't okay with that. I haven't done anything to deserve this treat, and I didn't want to reward myself for poor planning. And honestly, Brett needed a bit of extra comfort this weekend. He's been sort of glum... so we bought him something fun that was also for the apartment, and much to the chagrin of my shoulder blades, I cancelled the massage. Sigh.

Maybe I can start planning now and schedule myself a day of fun in October. The weather should be nice and cool by then! And Whip It comes out October 2. That would be a great day! Movie and massage!


Jennifer T. said...

I sincerely hope Brett knows that he married one of the best people on Earth and that he appreciates you for all you sacrifice so that he can be happy! You deserve a treat just as much (if not more...ok, a WHOLE lot more) than he does! Just my personal opinion as someone who knows you pretty darn well and thinks you deserve the best of the best!

Marie said...

I'm so sad for you! Massages make my world a happier place.. Chris's too, for that matter. Sorry it has to be postponed. I've pretty much decided that money sucks. Perhaps if we lived on the barter system life you be easier.. "Yes, Jean-Claude, I will give you a pan of brownies for a 30 min massage.. that's a good trade!" :)