Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

(First of all, Kudos to Kel and Emily for knowing that I was referencing Empire Records in my previous blog title.)

Okay, so. We went to the 7:35 showing at GVM. We got to the theater around 6:00 knowing that there would be a line. We were actually the 3rd people in line, but I'm glad that we went early because the line was long by the time we seated us. We had an interesting group of kids behind us in line. Their leader was a 14 year old whose dearest ambition is to be Juno next year, and she was workin' her snazzy lingo! They sat a few rows in front of us in the theater and she was talking loud enough for the entire theater to hear and flashing pictures knowing that it was blinding everyone behind her. Aww, to be 14 and stupid again. No thanks!

The theater wasn't sold out, but it was crowded. Plenty of applause in the opening and closing credits. Not from us, but we appreciated the atmosphere.

I was SO excited. And I'm happy to say that the movie did not disappoint. (From here on out, this post may contain spoilers, so continue at your own risk.) I enjoyed it very much. I'm sure that I will see it again soon. I didn't agree with some of the edits, but I had no major complaints this time.

Watching a Harry Potter movie is like eating a Hershey's Kiss, whereas reading a Harry Potter book is like eating German Chocolate cake. They are both chocolate, but one is MUCH richer and more satisfying than the other.

I loved that they showed the Brockdale Bridge attack in the beginning. That is an event that is referenced, rather than experienced, in the books. I knew it was in the movie, and I thought it was a great mood setter. Harry on the trains? Weird. I wish he had been at home like he was in the book so that the three actors who portray the Dursleys could have been in the film.

I love that we saw wanted posters of Fenrir Greybeck in Diagon Alley in the beginning. But I was disappointed that, though he was in the film several times, no one explained who he is.

Slughorn... he came across as a little daft... a heavy drinker who is not always super aware. In the books, he is a sharp character who has survived by his cleverness... though he does like to indulge in luxuries, he is not a lush. But I LOVE Jim Broadbent and I am thrilled he was in the movie. I thought he played the role he was given splendidly.

The way they handled the two relationship plot lines was, again, interesting. They didn't bother me, but some of the changes felt unnecessary. What was with Hermione being way more into Ron than Ron into her? I mean, he seems to be "coming around" while she is totally smitten. They are on equal footing in the books. Both coming to acknowledge feelings that have been building for years. I mean, it didn't bother me, but I felt like Hermione was kind of punked, ya know? And I wish that we had seen more of the Harry/Ginny relationship. In the book, they are actually publicly dating for 6 weeks or so before Harry goes on his adventure with Dumbledore and decides to break up with her. This movie ended with them being together and Ron being "okay with it". What? BUT, I have to say that I thought Lavendar was GREAT! A great performance from a charming actress. And Cormac was really funny too!

One more relationship comment. Interesting that Lupin and Tonks were together in this flick. That is not a relationship that solidifies until between books 6 and 7, but that was rewritten for this movie. Again, didn't bother me exactly, but why?

It did bother me that Ron didn't have any lines for the last 30 minutes of the film. What was with him sitting on the steps while Hermione speaks for both of them in the last scene. Seriously... he didn't utter a syllable. I object!

I also think that it is a shame that the Voldemort story line was so condensed. We saw 2 out of 5 of the memories from the story, and it just didn't feel like he was a major element in this film. That shouldn't be the case. And because we learned so little about him, we learned very little about the Horcruxes, which are a HUGE deal in the final story. So how are they going to handle them?

I don't mind that they added an attack on the Weasley's house, though I worry that they are going to skip the wedding that takes place at the Weasley's in the next film, and that would bother me a bit. And it's not torturing me that they left out the fight scene and funeral at the end, but again, I wish that we had been able to see those characters. I think that if I hadn't heard before hand that those two scenes were left out, I would have felt cheated. But because I was prepared, it was manageable. I didn't get enough Hagrid or Snape.

Cheers to Tom Felton who gave a great performance as Malfoy. But that story line was no where NEAR as exciting as it could have been. In the book, we know that Malfoy is up to something, but we don't know what. In the movie, they tell you from the very beginning what he is trying to do. Not why, but it didn't feel all that intriguing to me.

I am sure I will have more to say later, but those are my first thoughts. I liked it =-) It was a good Rex Manning day.

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