Friday, June 19, 2009

A Kitchen Fiasco!

So, I'm sick, right? So yesterday Brett offered to make dinner. Very nice offer. But we were planning to have tacos (which I've been wanting all week!) and I had planned to try something new the night that we made tacos. An idea that I had that would make Hungry Girl proud! Some low point enchiladas. I had the idea last week and really wanted to try it out. So I said that I would make dinner.

I started browning the meat and onions while some butter was melting to cook the rice. I look up, the butter is melted. So I grab the box of rice and dumb it into... not the rice pan, but the meat! Are you kidding??? I REALLY wanted tacos! So I spent the next 45 minutes picking all of the rice out of the meat. It took forever! What a mess! It was a true kitchen fiasco. I guess Brett was right. I was too sick to cook.

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