Sunday, May 3, 2009


I feel very tired tonight. It was a good weekend, but a little emotional here and there, and it makes me tired. Actually I guess I'm not sure which it is... whether I am drained because I've been emotional, or whether I am emotional because I've been tired.

We had a pretty laid back weekend. Friday night we rested a bit and then watched a little X-Files. Then Saturday we slept in, sort of. We stayed in bed. But Brett wakes up early. He kind of sleeps in shifts. He was up, tossing and turning a bit, so I woke up enough to be awake with him. We stayed in bed until about 10, and that was divine! Then Brett made us breakfast tacos and we Peggled for a bit until he was ready for a second shift of sleeping in. He rested while I wrote thank you cards (finally finished! Well, except for my coworkers, but I will do that this week for sure!) When he got up, I gave the apartment a good cleaning. I can honestly say that I have never really cleaned one of my apartments that extensively before. At least not all at one time. I'm pretty good at keeping things orderly, but I want this apartment to be CLEAN. I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom (minus the inside of the oven... I haven't bought oven cleaner yet) and then I did the same to the bathrooms and then I vacuumed. We have some straightening to do in the other rooms... I have so many little items that I need to unpack. It will get done, I know, so it's not worth worrying about, but I'd like it to get done soon.

We finished our day with the end of season 2/beginning of season 3 X-Files episodes. SO GOOD! 6 weeks of being married to Brett, and I am a fan of 2, count them 2! sci-fi shows! But seriously... X-Files and Star Trek are both really good shows! The key to the X-Files is to have the season guide books so that you can skip the episodes that aren't about aliens... the non-alien shows get really gross, really fast. In fact, Friday nights episode was pretty gross. But an interesting premise.

The singles at PPBC go to lunch the first Sunday of every month to celebrate the birthdays of the people who have a birthday that month. (Did I say too many words just now?) My birthday is next Sunday, so last week, the Singles director invited us to meet them for lunch to celebrate my birthday. Confession... we really miss the singles! So we jumped at the chance. And since we were planning to spend lunch with them, we decided to crash their Sunday School too. It was SO great to be back with our friends again. The young marrieds have been very welcoming, but it doesn't fit quite as nicely as the Singles did. I am very interested to see where God will take us in the next few months.

I'm glad that I didn't nap today. Brett took a little nap, but I was afraid I would have trouble sleeping tonight if I napped. I can tell you right now, it's 10:23 and I am ready for bed!

I am going to do my best to have a good attitude this week and be thankful for the blessings in my life. I want to make good food choices, and I want to be a good sister, daughter, employee and wife. And designer! I have some work to do! The lady I am working on right now has been so nice. I don't really receive compliments or affirmations at my actual job, so Pretty Bird has been a real blessing because the people that I do work for are always so kind and grateful.

Okay, I need to go to bed so I won't wake up grumpy and start my "good attitude" week off wrong. Last thing: I maintained at WW this week! That's great news! I had a good food week last week, but I had a breakdown on Friday. Sometimes I go a little crazy. It always ends with a bad food choice. But I didn't have a gain or loss this week, I just maintained. I am thankful for that.

Off to bed!

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