Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tasting The Rainbow Again

I am pretty sure that I can't tell a flavor difference between different colors of M&Ms. No problem! I love them all! But I can tell the difference with Skittles. Only when I separate them, but since I always eat them by color, I know these things. Orange is my favorite. Just a little bit of "Kimmy Trivia".

I wanted to post about a presentation that Brett was going to give at work today, but it was just postponed. Too bad. We were really looking forward to it. Brett needs something to break the monotony at work. (Heck, I need something to break the monotony at MY job! I HATE the slow season... but I know that in a month we will be drowning in work. I should be thankful for the 8 hour days while they last. I just hate searching for ways to FILL them.) He wrote a presentation that they would like him to give to each team about improving techniques when dealing with customers. Today was going to be the dress rehearsal, so to speak, before he presented it to each team. He was scheduled to give it to his supervisor, the floor supervisor and a former supervisor at 2:00. I wonder what changed? 

He has served his time on the phones and is ready to move on to something else. Every employee is asked to work in the call center for the first year, which is a great policy because you learn so much about the ins and outs of the business. But Brett's year was officially up last week, and if he doesn't move on to teaching and training soon, he may slip into a coma from the boredom. 

We are both thankful for employment. Tremendously so. But we are both wanting a little more fulfillment from the task that fills so much of our lives.

I am thankful that this day is half over. I am thankful that I found a quarter so I could have 2 points worth of Skittles. I am thankful that we are one day closer to a 3 day weekend. And I am thankful that, so far, people are in generally good moods at work today.

I hope that Brett isn't too upset about the postponement. I hope there was a good reason. =-( I hope the new recipe I am trying for dinner is good! And I hope I make it to a gas station before I run out of gas. I think I will. I think!

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