Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No Pudding For Me =-(

I forgot my pudding =-( 

I bring Sugar Free Jell-o dark chocolate pudding for my lunch dessert to work every day. I didn't realize until I was parking my car at work that I had forgotten it. Not that I would have turned around if I had realized halfway to work that I was puddingless, but if I had realized in my apartment parking lot, I would have dashed back in to get it. I love my pudding! It's that little bit of sweetness that really finishes my meal for me. And it's only 1 point!

I want to make good food choices this week. Yesterday I used my points exactly. I wouldn't have minded having a point or two leftover, but at least I didn't go over. We'll see what happens today.

Also, my phone made a phone call while it was in my purse this morning! Poor Jared. I woke him up. Sorry!

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