Wednesday, May 6, 2009

4 Days!

It's almost my birthday =-) I am very excited thinking about my birthday weekend! It's going to be a little fuller than we generally like it because of Mother's Day, but still... I'm excited!

I think that Friday night we are mom shopping. Jenna already bought the present for my mom... we are all just chipping in. For Brett's mom, we were thinking about replacing something that she lost in the last break-in. It's what we got her for Christmas, but she was excited to get it the first time! So I think if we throw in a pretty bouquet, it's Mother's Day Magic! We are also going to get some new clothes for Brett Friday night and HOPEFULLY a really great mirror for our apartment that I saw on sale at Walmart last week. I hope it's still there and still on sale! Even full price, it was a great deal, but if it's full price I only want to get one. If it is still on sale, I want to get one for the living room and one for the bedroom!

And then, the plan for Saturday is to go to the 2:00 showing of Rent at Fair Park. The thing about that though... we don't have tickets yet. We wanted to buy them last pay day, but we had other things that were more pressing, so we said if there are still tickets when we get paid again this Friday, we will buy them and go! I have been checking every day, and at this point, there are still tickets. I REALLY want to go... I hope we are able to. Rent is the first musical I saw on a big stage and it BLEW MY MIND! The music is so alive and the story is so touching. This is the farewell tour and the two main characters are being played by the actors who originated the part. Unfortunately, there was a feature in the paper about it this week, so I'm nervous that we won't be able to get tickets... but if that's the case, I'll survive!

Saturday night, I think we may try to have dinner with Brett's mom for Mother's Day. Sunday isn't only Mother's Day, it's my birthday. I really want to go to I Fratellis for my birthday dinner, but I just learned that my family's plans are to have lunch for my grandmother in Grapevine and then dinner at my parent's house for my mom. PLUS we have WW at 3:00 on Sunday, so I like to eat super light breakfast and lunches on Sundays... I won't miss celebrating with my family, but I also don't want brisket for my birthday meal. Quiet a conundrum.

So I guess what I'm saying is we don't know yet how we will be celebrating all of the festivities this weekend. If something has to be dropped, it will be my birthday... ideally, we could go to I Fratellis for dinner after Rent, but I plan on using lots of flex points at that meal and I don't want to do it the night before weigh in!

BUT, whatever we end up doing, I get to celebrate my birthday with the love of my life, and see my family and give gifts... it will be GREAT!

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