Monday, March 30, 2009

Back to Reality =-)

I thought that last weekend was the most amazing weekend of my life. I thought that nothing could be better than marrying the love of my life and then beginning to celebrate our life together by flying away to relax and have fun in the sun... And don't get me wrong! It probably was the best weekend of my life. But this weekend... man. It's gotta be a close second.

We unpacked, we grocery shopped, we ran errands, we picked up Taco Bueno. Nothing spectacular. Pretty normal events for Brett and I. I mean, we've been slowly moving me into the apartment for a few weeks, so even that part wasn't anything out of the ordinary. But it was amazing.

Throughout our dating relationship, we would spend the evenings together. We would eat dinner, then watch a show or play a game or just sit and talk. But eventually, it would get late and I would have to go home. It was always the worst part of my day – leaving Brett. And every time that I would say "I need to get going" Brett would say, "But going isn't as good as staying". I always knew he was right.

I'm so glad I don't have to go anymore. I am so happy, it almost doesn't feel real. I know that life will start to throw us curve balls again. We both go back to work tomorrow and to our busy lives full of tasks and surprises. But now we are together. No more falling asleep in a lonely cold bed and waking up to nothing but my alarm clock. When my alarm wakes me up, my husband will wrap me in his arms and kiss me good morning.

I'm sappy, I know. But I can't help it. I guess it's a newlywed thing.

I'm off to bed. Brett's waiting. =-)

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Kriss said...

I thought I would leave you a congrats!! I got your blog address from Jennifer's blog! Your entry made me remember my own wedding. I could have written your last entry on leaving, slowing moving in and then finally not having to leave. We dated for five years, I too lived at home (so did he) and when we first moved into our apartment it was our first time to be really be ALONE! It was awesome! Eleven years later we are in our home, have three adopted children and I wake up to the love my life everyday! My advice would be don't ever lose that newlywed feeling. The LITTLE things do count!!! Congrats again! Oh and I live in Texas too, five minutes from Downtown Fort Worth!