Friday, December 19, 2008

Weekend Forecast

Okay, I know this is Texas and all, but still, I think it's crazy that the high tomorrow is 67 and the high on Sunday is 37. Of course, yesterday my weather widget said that the high tomorrow is 69 and the high Sunday is 29. So who knows! I am predicting a heat wave. Or a blizzard. One of the other.

Brett and I have a lot going on this weekend, but no where near what we had going on last weekend. Our main goal is to get a lot of packing done. We want to fill all of the boxes that we have so we can evaluate and see what else we need. I would like to take some things to Good Will also, if there is time. Tonight the plan is sandwiches and packing while we watch/listen to one of my favorite Christmas movies, Love Actually.

Tomorrow my day will start by sleeping in, thankfully! And then we are celebrating a friends birthday in the early afternoon, but after that we are free to pack! We will probably sort through Brett's comic collection.

I am creating a scrapbook for my friends grandfather and I have to finish it by Christmas Eve. I have started it but there is a LOT left to do. I know I will get it done though. And it has been amazing! This man was incredible. His life was full of interesting moments, but the thing that impresses me the most is that he seemed to be a genuinely good man. He was a hard worker who loved his family and was madly in love with his wife. There are love notes all throughout the box I am sorting through.

I am so close to being done with my Christmas shopping! I need a couple of boxes, and hopefully I will remember to grab them from work today. And I need something else for Brett. But what exactly that something else is will depend on whether or not I get a Christmas bonus next week. Sigh.

I may not make it to 5:00 today. We are so slow and I have so much to do! I may see if I can leave at 3 if there is nothing for me to do. That would be incredibly helpful!

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