Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Game

Okay, I discovered a Yahoo puzzle game yesterday called Line Balls. I'm hooked. It's so simple, but as soon as I got to work I wanted to play it. That is one of the hazards of slow works days. I find Yahoo games that call to me whether we are busy or not!

It's nice and quiet at work today and I have a project to work on. I prefer projects over lots of little jobs, whereas John, the guy I share an office with, likes to do lots of little jobs every day. Makes him feel like he is getting a lot done. And he is! Together, we are a great team and we do 90% of the work that is done at this company. Of course, because we are the only two non family members, we are making MUCH less than everyone else, but so it goes.

Line Balls. Check it out.

At some point today I want to email myself a list of everything I would like to get done while I am house sitting. Hope I can be productive.

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