Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good Meeting with the Choir Officers!

I met with the choir officers tonight to show them proofs of what I have designed for the Christmas pageant and it went so well! They were all so nice and really loved what I had done. I am so thankful that Paige recommended me and that we will be printing these pieces at my job. It always makes me look good at work if I can bring in some printing. Who doesn't need help looking good at work! I may even get a little commission for it.

And, they were all super sweet and made a big deal out of telling the interim director that I used to be in choir and they want me back. It was really nice to feel missed. I MISS CHOIR SO MUCH! I stopped going because I just had too many things going on. It is hard to be the head of a ministry and be involved in others. And the choir only sings in the first service now and I have to start class with announcements at the beginning of Sunday School so I couldn't sing anyways. I could do pageant and sing on praise team, but I am worried about adding something else to my schedule.

Still, the thought that I may never be a part of the Plymouth Park choir again is hard to swallow. That is possible though, with Brett and I marrying in the Spring. We are not sure where God will be leading us, but we will follow Him wherever He takes us.

Anyway... woohoo for Christmas Pageant!

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